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Did you forget that yesterday was a holiday?  I did.  I had to take my mail in for the night and put it out again this morning.

Postcard!  And a couple of bills.

A postcrossing postcard again, this time to China.  The recipient requested a postcard of something that was related to US culture and I thought maybe he’d like something regarding the Justice League.  That has a lot to do with US culture right?  Incidentally, I think his address was the longest address I’ve ever had to write on a postcard.  The entire right side of the postcard, excepting the stamps, is taken up by his address.

An anecdote about my bills: I’m pretty sure I have brain problems.  I managed to stuff the envelope with the payment stub backwards, seal the envelope, and stamp it all without noticing that the payment stub was backwards.  I didn’t notice until I put it in my outgoing pile of mail and noticed that I saw the amount enclosed staring at me though the address window.  Doh.

I had to gently pry apart the envelope and flip the stub around so the address would show through the window and then glue the envelope back together.  I would have just used a new envelope except that I had already stamped the original one.  After gluing the flap down, the envelope looked pretty sickly, so I stuck a big piece of packaging tape over the flap.  Normal people don’t have to do these things, right?


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